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The company was founded in 1983 by Michael and Linda Grimwood with funding from Panther Securities.

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Over the years our systems have been used in many diverse markets, from banking, betting and broadcasting to education, retail and transport. Whether it’s providing the immediacy of real-time information or the ability to schedule months ahead; a single screen in an organisation’s reception or over 50,000 screens worldwide, our innovative solutions have delivered complete control to our clients. Many of these clients are leaders in their own fields and have stayed with us over the years because we have provided them with exceptional solutions and superior support.

1983 The company was formed to address the growing market for systems based on teletext technology. Early clients were banks within the London Stock Exchange.

1989 MRG develops a betting shop system (BAGS) for William Hill’s estate of nearly 1,000 shops.

1992 The BBC ordered a complete teletext subtitle transmission system for the BBC TV Centre in London. Systems are taken up by various terrestrial and satellite broadcasters.

1996 Paddy Power takes the first iteration of the Betting Information Display System (BIDS) for its growing number of Licensed Betting Offices in Ireland.

2000 MRG installs information displays into The Houses of Parliament and Portcullis House. The system includes public information screens, door cards for meeting rooms and offices and touchscreen wayfinders for visitors.

2004 Paddy Power upgrades to BIDS4 as it increases its expansion into the UK. Coral Racing also takes on the system for its 1,200 shops at the time.

2006 The original founders retire and Panther Securities PLC becomes the majority shareholder with a 75% holding.

2008 iMERGE is developed as a signage system that can address all markets from Schools and Colleges to Retail and Transport.

2010 MRG signs a contract to provide the New Zealand Racing Board with the new BIDS5 system. The DailyForm guide is developed using touchscreen technology and PA Sports data to provide form information on Horses, Dogs and sports teams.

2013 Bar One Racing, an Irish independent bookmaker, signs up for BIDS5 and starts relaying its service to what will become over 200 shops.

2016 LiveSpace digital signage is launched. It is a digital signage system developed from scratch but using the best functionality from our BIDS5 and iMERGE systems to make a powerful and scalable solution for any size of organisation. YouTube Space, London [Link] is one of the first to employ the system to drive a 32 screen video wall facing onto the street and a two over two video wall comprising four 75” screens in the studio.

Additionally, The Senedd Cymru (Welsh Parliament) [Link] asked us to provide a new system in the public viewing area. The gallery overlooking the Senedd chamber seats 128 people, each with an individual screen to view and listen to live proceedings. Welsh and English is spoken by participating MPs which is translated and broadcast live. After each live broadcast, the tablet screens are switched to display interactive content about the history and working of the Senedd.

2017 Staff buyout: Following the purchase of shares from its erstwhile holding company, Panther Securities PLC, the staff gained control of 80% of the company’s shares on the 21st December 2017. We continue to develop new products and support key clients operating in the betting industry. The strategy for the past two years has been to broaden the appeal of our screen management solutions. Our mission is to provide the best software, hardware and support and to be recognised for the exemplary company we strive to be.