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Change for the better.

Keeping your key messages relevant and up-to-date.

With LiveSpace you can…

  • Welcome the public and visitors to your offices
  • Automate the display of meetings and diary events to share with your audience
  • Share committee information and the decisions taken in public meetings
  • Improve communication by sharing details of projects affecting communities
  • Use video walls to create a compelling, immersive experience
  • Create eye-catching displays and schedule them in advance
  • Update information quickly and display new content without waiting for printed materials to be created and delivered
  • Potentially use data from back-office systems if you wish

There are some useful features to help you manage your screens

Scheduling lets your content change with the hours of the day and the seasons of the year. All planned in advance and automatically deployed on screen when the time is right.

Grouping with LiveSpace lets you zone your content. People in different areas will see the right messages you want them to see.

Regionalisation lets you show content tailored to geographic areas. Now you can cater for different tastes in different areas.

Localisation lets head office create and manage the content, so that it’s always consistent. But departmental managers are free to choose content from the list that best serves their local audience.

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