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Real time information.

Keep everyone informed with the latest advice and information.

With LiveSpace you can…

  • Provide advice and information in engaging and memorable ways
  • Update information quickly and display new content without waiting for printed materials to be created and delivered
  • Manage each department separately
  • Schedule the display of information in advance, like staff rotas and doctors rounds for everyone to see
  • Use live data such as waiting times and room usage from back-office systems
  • Share positive and upbeat messages to lift the spirits
  • Signpost to different parts of the premises or campus

Here are some really useful features to help you manage your screens

Scheduling lets your content change with the hours of the day and the seasons of the year. All planned in advance and automatically deployed on screen when the time is right.

Grouping with LiveSpace lets you zone your content. People in different areas will see the right messages for them.

Regionalisation lets you show content tailored to geographic areas. So, a Trust or a national care home can manage systems across a wide territory.

Localisation lets head office create and manage the content, so it’s always consistent. But, local managers are free to choose what is displayed from a list that best serves their local audience.

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