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Whether it's a focus on real-time communication or the capability to plan and schedule future content we have a solution to suit your needs.

Over the years our systems have been used in many diverse markets, from banking, betting and broadcasting to education, retail and transport. Whether it’s providing the immediacy of real-time information or the ability to schedule months ahead; a single screen in an organisation’s reception or over 56,000 screens worldwide, our innovative solutions have delivered complete control to our clients. Many of these clients are leaders in their own fields and have stayed with us over the years.

Our skill is to distribute content in real-time to thousands of screens with minimal latency. Normally managed from a central point content is scheduled and distributed to the screens. But our solutions also provide local managers with the tools to display time-limited local offers based on business rules set by head office.

LiveSpace digital signage is the latest of these solutions. It exists to bring complex data to life. By presenting compelling sales and marketing messages which make people want to buy. LiveSpace rapidly handles data and enables localisation, so retailers and others can present their strongest sales message to every customer.

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