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Bruce Betting roll out the Single Meeting screen


      Bruce Betting roll out the Single Meeting screen


Bruce Betting in Ireland were the first company to show an interest in the new Single Meeting screen provided through the LiveSpace digital signage system. The screens have up-to-the-minute information on Horse and Greyhound meetings and include live prices when available.

The initial trial took place at their Kilcock and Mullingar shops. They proved to be so popular it prompted a roll out across the whole estate. Thomas Byrne said: ‘We were quick to see the benefits of the Single Meeting screen and wanted to include them in our shops at the earliest opportunity. We are very pleased with the amount of use they receive and our customers love the extra information they provide.’

The Single Meeting Screen provides access to a horse or dog meeting, each with their form summaries initially displayed. Customers can then select to view more detailed form for each race. Additionally, there is an early price screen which provides customers with information that helps them with their decisions about where to place their bets for the day.

Additional development of functionality continues and MRG will be displaying the Single Meeting screen with football data for major European leagues. Based on key information about the teams and player performances for this season, customers will be able to confidently choose the bets they want to make.

The screens will be on the MRG Stand (S1-226) at ICE, ExCel, so please come along and see how they could work in your retail setting.