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Sean Graham bookmakers take on BIDS5


      Sean Graham bookmakers take on BIDS5


2018 sees the Sean Graham group in Northern Ireland take on BIDS5 for their betting shop display management. Sean Graham currently manage over 30 shops from their base in Belfast. Some of these shops will use the MRG 6-screen server which outputs to high definition screens. The information displayed will be split into quarters to provide the equivalent of a full gantry display. Additionally, their existing Albos servers have been re-purposed to run the BIDS5 system. They will continue to run the existing gantry screens ; meaning that existing assets can be used, costs can be managed & roll-out time minimized.

BIDS5 will display feeds from the UK and Irish racing content providers (SIS, TRP and Turf TV) as well as an EPOS feed from their new EPOS system. The wealth of data from these feeds gives Sean Graham many options in terms of what to display.

They have shops in the Northern Ireland and Ireland, so the BIDS grouping function will enable them to manage what they output throughout their estate. It means that some markets which are more popular in some areas, can be targeted specifically via display zoning.

Templates were initially provided by MRG, but the in-house team at Sean Graham have changed the HTML/CSS to match their display requirements. With minimal training they are now able to brand their templates and manage the display of data exactly as they require.

Sean Graham have also integrated the MRG Amplifier (AVS500) into their shops. The AVS500 allows them to control the audio sources in the shops centrally from their head office. It also enables them to continue and improve streaming of their own commentary into the shops.

The final component, which completes the solution is the addition of the MRG Airbox. This small unit controls which channels are displayed on which screens. Head office are able to switch channels in order to provide customers with an unbroken flow of live action in the shops.

This combined approach of screens and audio management helps them to focus on the best events and live action taking place, ensuring nothing is missed.

Chris Deery from Sean Graham said: ‘Taking greater control of our own screens was a big but necessary decision to take. It has meant embracing new skills in order to manage the new functionality and benefits that BIDS5 delivers but this will improve our delivery to customers. Darren Macdonald at MRG Systems has supervised the transition through frequent visits to us here in Belfast. We are very pleased with the results so far and look forward to a successful long-term partnership.’