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LiveSpace expands the hardware range


      LiveSpace expands the hardware range


We have expanded the hardware range available to LiveSpace customers. From a small media player capable of driving a single screen through to a unit driving a 32 screen video wall with 128 concurrent videos being streamed live from the internet. LiveSpace does it all.

Whatever system capabilities you require we have a media player fit for the job. If your displays are very simple then the smallest player is based on a Raspberry Pi. But as you add more capability to your system or want to drive more than one screen from a single player then the range expands to meet your needs.

When you are looking for the most appropriate device to use just tell us how you will be operating your screens and we will advise you on the best solution to match your needs. You will need to consider a few factors before you make a decision.

Will you want to drive more than one screen from a single unit? Are you using full HD or 4K screens? How complex will the various displays be in terms of playing multiple videos simultaneously, playlists of images, scrolling marquees, RSS feeds and other live data?

Our prices start low, at less than £100 per unit and rise to around £320 for units suitable for most standard deployments.