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How can I make sure my digital signage is futureproof?


      How can I make sure my digital signage is futureproof?


One of the big questions we’re often asked by people considering digital signage systems is; ‘how can I make sure my digital signage is futureproof?’ Whether you want a single screen system, or multiple screens to cover your whole business, you’ll want to know your money is well spent. That means being confident you’ll see a sustained return on investment. Now, you don’t need us to tell you technology is ever changing. Operating systems come and go. Hardware continually evolves. Last year’s top spec quickly becomes this year’s obsolete model. So, here are 5 questions to help you get it right.

How can I make sure my digital signage software does what I need it to do?

Although hardware investment can feel like your biggest commitment, it is often software which lets people down when their business needs change. There are heaps of things which digital signage can do, but what is most important for you? Scheduling, grouping, regionalisation and localisation are some of the things people ask us for most. Scheduling lets your offers change with the hours of the day and the seasons of the year, all planned in advanced and deployed on screen when the time is right. Grouping with LiveSpace lets you zone your content the same way you’d merchandise a store. People in different areas of your building will see the right messages for them. Regionalisation lets you show content tailored to geographic areas. So, if you know that your customers’ tastes differ by region, display content which is right for them. Localisation lets head office create and manage a list of promotions, so they are always on brand. Local managers are then free to choose the best offer for their local audience. There is a lot more that LiveSpace can do besides these most popular features, so if you need something else, just ask as we’re bound to be able to help. And, as well as finding the features you need now, you’ll also be wise to think about the functionality you may wish to add in future.

How can I make sure my digital signage hardware does what I need it to do?

Choosing the correct hardware makes all the difference. These systems can be a big investment, so you need to be confident that it is both reliable and effective. With so many solutions available it can be easy to make the wrong choice. You certainly don’t want to find out the one you choose hasn’t been designed specifically to run digital signage. Or that it isn’t suitable for the hours of use or environment you need it work in. Do you have the time and resources to visit every screen to load updates via a USB flash drive? If the units driving the screens were networked would that be a better solution? What is the likelihood that you will want to add RSS feeds, video or live TV in the future? Think about these seemingly simple questions to help get the right spec.

How can I make sure my digital signage installation does what I need it to do?

Professional installation is often taken for granted. But you quickly learn what people’s views are if it has been badly installed. Customers are easily distracted by trailing wires and wonky screens. Cutting corners usually results in future problems and ultimately higher costs to have them rectified. The best position for a screen defines how it is to be mounted. There are many options from which to choose. These include flush wall mounted, tilting, extending swivel, swing-out, ceiling and floor mounted to name a few. Think about infrastructure too. Are there convenient power and network points? If it helps MRG Systems can visit your premises to survey it and discuss where the screens are going to be sited to make maximum impact.

How can I choose the right digital signage provider to work with?

Use a company that offers support and updates throughout the life of the product. This is cheaper than discovering your system has remained static in developmental terms and out of date within a few short years, needing an expensive upgrade or possibly requiring a replacement. MRG Systems will make sure your system keeps up with the latest changes. We manage tens of thousands of screens for our customers, and the reason they stick with us is because we keep them running and delivering the results they need.

How can I make sure I am spending enough to get it right, but not paying over the odds for things I don’t need?

The adage ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ certainly applies to digital signage systems. Buy the best kit you can afford, but only to the spec you really need. Think about what you may want to add to the system in future. This normally means more screens. It may also involve adding greater complexity to the content you wish to display through the addition of video and other attributes that basic systems are unable to offer. If you think this is likely then make sure the things you want to introduce are readily available to you. Some of the simpler, cheaper players and USB type devices might provide you with a solution from the outset but is it really the long-term solution you are going to need?

Work with the experts

The best way to make sure you get the most from your digital signage is to work with experts like MRG Systems. We can guide you to making the right choices to deliver brilliant results for years to come.