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Automating the displays to show different layouts


      Automating the displays to show different layouts


Did you know that in version 1.22.xx of LiveSpace you can now schedule the display layout?

Scheduling a different layout creates a seamless, automated way to broadcast information in interesting ways to keep your audience up-to-date and entertained.

Let’s say you are running your displays full-screen but you want to create Panels to split the screen into different areas for a range of different messages. For instance, on a portrait screen you want to arrange it into three stacked Panels. The top panel might show the latest promotional video from a big brand. The middle panel for your own playlist of special offers. And then use the final panel for all the great messages you receive from your loyal customers via Twitter and Instagram, all on the screen at the same time?

You create your own layouts and choose when it needs to change. It’s very easy, it’s just like scheduling any display for a future time and date. You might change it because you have a bigger or smaller audience with different needs at different times of the day. There may be times of the year when you have lots more of your own messages, offers and exciting things going on that you want to share, so you need the screen to display in a Panels layout to accommodate the additional information?

With a quick click on the context menu in the groups view (those three grey dots arranged vertically), it takes seconds to set it up.

Using Panels in various arrangements is a powerful way to maximise the cost-effectiveness of a screen and increase the variety of content you show to a broader spectrum of potential customers. A department store might use a large screen to designate where advertising is displayed for their different departments. Equally a large organisation might use screens to share content like a digital noticeboard. The opportunities are endless.