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Digital signage comes with unanticipated benefits


      Digital signage comes with unanticipated benefits


Difficult times can throw up surprising new ways of doing things. That’s where digital signage can really help a business, its staff and customers.

One of the core functions of a signage system is the ability to control all of your screens remotely. You can log on to the system and change the messages from any location with an internet connection.

A web-based user interface manages the how you interact with the screens. This user interface could be cloud based, or available on the organisations own internal network, so anyone with access to a VPN will still be able to use the system. The interface should be easy to operate. Pages can be designed via a WYSIWYG editor, allowing the user to see what the new page will look like before displaying it on the screens.

Grouping your displays by location means different messages for different audiences are possible at different locations. For instance, screens on the factory floor will show very different messages to the screens in the sales office.

We’ve had a recent example from a client who never thought they would use their system the way they are now. The COVID19 crisis allows them to share very clear messages to vulnerable residents about how best to avoid infection.

Other sectors might want to explain changes to opening hours or alternative services they’ve switched to like the restaurants and pubs who switched to a take away service during the Coronavirus crisis. These messages can be displayed instantly so that customers are made fully aware at the earliest opportunity.

Scrolling messages on screens are really useful to pass on messages from management advising the latest company updates or headlines from national news RSS feeds.

LiveSpace Digital Signage is designed with all these functions at its core. Speak to MRG Systems today and find out how LiveSpace can help your organisation make its messages unmissable.