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Warehouse and distribution centre communications


      Warehouse and distribution centre communications


With the national picture changing all the time, this is a difficult time for everyone. Processes, advice and the number of colleagues self-isolating may be changing daily, and they all affect how quickly you can respond. You matched the requirements yesterday, so may need to focus in a different area today.

Across all your sites, making sure everyone is aware of what is going on is challenging, which could leave some colleagues behind with the latest up-to-date messaging.

And are you missing a chance to praise everyone at the same time as refocusing your efforts?

With screens at entrances and in busy locations, colleagues can be kept up to date with the companies’ achievements, praised for their efforts and encouraged to maintain diligence during this difficult period.

You can easily change the messaging to each internal team as well as manage the screens addressing teams around the country with LiveSpace digital signage.

Call MRG Systems today and we’ll help you bring some order into the chaos.