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Post-lockdown, how do you plan to revive your business?


      Post-lockdown, how do you plan to revive your business?


From supermarket to surgery. Factory floor to trading floor. If you need to keep people up to date, digital signage helps. We’re convinced because our customers tell us the benefits we bring.

For many, the COVID-19 lockdown means business has been dormant for weeks. The day to day customers you rely on disappeared in the blink of an eye. So let’s use this time to think about how you will compete when the rush to begin trading restarts.

There are plenty of things you can do to attract new business. By creating new ways to keep customers, clients and visitors engaged it may take a small investment on your part. All the signs are that our habits and attitudes will have changed, so you need to make sure you give customers a reason to hang around. Good quality information, attractive offers, eye-catching displays and engaging content will be important for your audience, whichever industry you inhabit.

We’ve been thinking about some of the conversations we have with clients at the start of their journey with us. Because digital signage is so flexible, we have clients across diverse sectors. But when we meet them for the first time, we sometimes need to dispel some of the myths and respond to their reservations.

First, let’s tackle cost. Digital signage is no longer expensive. Hardware prices have tumbled and are now very affordable. Media players are the interface between the internet and the screen, they cost between £100 - £300 and prices are likely to decrease over time. The LiveSpace licence provides access to the system to manage your screen(s). Costs start at £20 pcm for one screen (at a single location) and a further £5 pcm for each additional screen at the same location.

Some clients were worried that it took too long to organise new content. They wouldn’t be able to react quickly when they need to.
LiveSpace looks and feels like many standard applications already in use. This familiarity aides the time it takes to manage the system. create content with the editor and display it on the screen(s). This can be done instantly, or the changes can be scheduled to display any time in the future.

Some believed that updating the screens took too long and was an inconvenience. You had to distribute USB sticks to upload to screens, which is awkward when there is more than one location.
But LiveSpace is a cloud hosted system, with a connection to the internet and no USB sticks involved. It’s simple to update the screens using WiFi or a cabled internet connection. It’s just like using many of the mobile and tablet apps we use every day.

In summary, LiveSpace digital signage is:

  • Cheaper than you think

  • Simpler to use than you imagine

  • More powerful than similar products

  • And it’s fast, safe and secure