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Better broadband brings new opportunities


      Better broadband brings new opportunities


For many, living in the country offers a better work-life balance, but it can be a challenge for business. The recent introduction of faster broadband across the country is transforming business. But, due to the British topography, it’s proving more expensive for industry to roll out the infrastructure to some of the harder to reach areas of the country.

For business, better broadband means a new contactless payment system can finally live up to expectations or the on-line registration system you use for new clients will take significantly less time than it did before.

If you have benefited from improved internet speeds, now is the time to introduce better ways of communicating what your business does, its products, and the services you offer.

Adding digital signage screens transforms how you connect with your customers. A screen with product information mixed with eye-catching promotions can be the difference between you or your competitor making a sale.

For the retailers out there, people passing won’t necessarily know what you stock. So why not bring the back of the store to the window by showcasing more of your products on a screen?

Tourist areas are especially susceptible. Many businesses are reliant on a ‘good season’ to get by. But if visitors only stay a short while it takes a concerted sales effort to capture their attention and sell them your wares. Screens enable you to show so much more by bringing different ideas to the fore and they are a great way of expressing personality or culture.

Interesting content helps customers engage with you. Many small businesses have a good story to tell or an ethos that defines how they operate. And what better way to show it than with a short video or a story shared on your screen?

Hospitality businesses can add little extras to their screens, like the weather forecast or the latest travel information. It’s a great way of showing useful information that remains up to date and relevant, and which enhances the customer experience.

You can mix your own promotions with a live broadcast too. So, whilst customers watch the big match make sure they see information that brings them back to spend with you again.

Rural areas have had fewer visitors than normal over the past four months, affecting the economy of their region. But with the promise of more people holidaying at home over the next couple of years it has the potential to become very competitive as tourism expands again.

A screen or two will make a big difference to your turnover. The industry typically quotes an uplift in sales in the region of 15%, with some sectors faring better than that.

A single screen LiveSpace digital signage system could cost as little as £500 including an entry level media player. Screen prices vary depending on size and brand. If you already have a screen you want to use, then costs will obviously reduce.

For LiveSpace, there is a small monthly licence fee of £20 for the first screen, this covers help and support. Adding additional screens at the same location attracts a licence of just £5 extra per screen, per month.

We’ve created LiveSpace to be as familiar as any of the apps you use routinely on your desktop computer or mobile phone. There are features and tools incorporated in the system that you will instantly recognise and know how to use.

If you would like to experience the power and capability of the system get in touch via or call for a chat on 01453 820840.