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Invitation to become a LiveSpace digital signage Referral Partner


      Invitation to become a LiveSpace digital signage Referral Partner


Would your clients benefit from being our clients too? Whatever business they are in, if your clients are now working behind perspex screens or face masks, talking with their customers has never been more difficult. We want to help you to help them.

With LiveSpace digital signage we can help your clients get their message across whilst maintaining their social distance. That’s why we’re excited to launch the LiveSpace Referral Partner Programme.

Studies show that messages work best when they are repeated regularly. LiveSpace digital signage is the best way to communicate safely with customers, visitors and colleagues. Whether that’s the shop window, in a queue at the counter, the reception desk or a device for displaying your team targets, an audience needs strong messaging and clear advice.

What is the LiveSpace Referral Partner Programme?

Our perfect partners are connected to people who digital signage can help. Perhaps you work in design or marketing and help your clients communicate, or you might be in IT helping people with technology, or perhaps you work in a retail support business like shopfitting and merchandising.

Joining us is simple. You refer leads for potential LiveSpace digital signage customers to us, and we work with them to specify and manage their digital signage.

For every client you bring our way, we’ll reward you.

The more licences you help us sell, the greater your reward. These are one-off payments to thank you for bringing clients to the LiveSpace brand.

There is no charge to become a LiveSpace Referral Partner. All we ask is that when your clients need digital signage, you recommend LiveSpace to them.

Now’s the time to get talking

Do you work in a business where your clients would benefit from being our clients too? If so, we’d love to hear from you and to talk about how we can work together.

Call us on 01453 820 840 or email today

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